Ornament tree

This ornament tree is so cute I want to make one really bad. Its so simple and is a huge wow factor it will look amazing in any room. You can easily change the colors of this tree so it could be a pop color or simply match the room its in. You can also change the ornaments so they are as shiny as these. There are a lot of things you can do to this project to make it your own.

ball tree
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Peppermint candle

Instead of spending a bunch of money on a pre-made peppermint candle you can make your own for much cheaper. You can buy a candle that requires a flame or you can buy the battery operated one. With the battery operated one the peppermints on the candle wont get hot and melt. Simply hot glue the peppermints to the candle of your choice and just like that you have and adorable Christmas decoration.

pepermint candle

Wine bottle decorating

People who love wine know that once the bottle is empty it gets thrown away. Why not make your empty wine bottles into the perfect Christmas decoration

decorated bottles

All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. make sure you have thin garland or any color.
  2. put modge podge all over the bottle
  3. wrap the bottle with the garland *Don’t leave any open spaces wrap the bottle tight*
  4. (optional) put a decorative flower, that is not the same color of the garland, in the bottle